Mistress Storm Presents FemmeDomme Fatale

Time and Date: Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Location: Club Debauchery

Cost: $20 each (plus taxes) Member’s Price

Not a member? For this event we are celebrating the first Femme Domme event by having a very special deal where you can buy your membership and the event ticket for $40 (plus taxes)! That is half off the membership price! Must pay and register at the door, please bring photo ID.

Dress Code: Fetish, basic black or nude. No blue jeans!


Mistress Storm presents for the first time, fetish and BDSM play parties at Club Debauchery! Each play party will be hosted on the 1st Saturday of each month.

Come out to play in this large and fully equipped dungeon-styled space; with a variety of themed rooms, a shower area, and a lounge for after-care and socializing for all to enjoy!

Mistress Storm’s House Rules:

· No interrupting scenes.

· Play areas must be thoroughly disinfected after each scene (Disinfectants provided)

· No pictures are to be taken.

· Submissives are NOT public property! If you wish to play with one, ask one. If a submissive is collared…find his or her Domme and talk to her first.

· No smoking

· Most types of play is permitted. Speak to staff before engaging in any higher risk activities.

*DM’s (Dungeon Monitors) will be on site to ensure the safety and well-being of all. They can be identified by lighted arm bands or glow in the dark braclets.

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