Below you will find commonly asked questions about Club Debauchery, memberships, events and so much more. 

Think there is something missing? Email us at info@clubdebauchery.com for more information and so we can continue to update the list.

1) Where is the Club located?

Club Debauchery is located in Vanier near the Vanier Parkway in Ottawa. We do not give out the exact address until you become a member because this is a private member’s club and is only open by booking or due to events. 

2) If I go to an event, do I have to participate?

Of course not! Club Debauchery is a completely open and judgement-free space. You never have to participant if you don’t want too. Consent is very important and therefore if you’re not into playing that evening or ever then that will be respected at all times. 

3) Can I attend a party if I am single? 

This depends on the type of party and this will be clearly indicated in the description of the event. We are a inclusive sex club so many parties are open to single or solo people. Check the event for more specific details. 

4) If I book an event, do all attendees have to be Club members?

If you rent the space as a member then the space becomes yours for the evening, so no, your attendees do not have to be Club Debauchery members. Club run events however are for members only. 

5) Is there parking? 

Yes, at the back of the building and on the street is free parking and plenty of it!

6) How many people are required to book a room?

We do not have any minimum requirements for members to book our space. As long as you pay the rental fee and follow Club Standards then how many people you fit in there is up to you. 

7) What is the Dungeon stocked with?

We consistently change up each themed room to keep it fresh and exciting so the Dungeon will not always have the exact same equipment. That being said, generally speaking you can expect spanking benches, a St. Andrew’s cross, a whipping post, human-size dog cage and a human-sized birdcage with a few implements like paddles and canes for member’s use. 

8) What are “service providers”?

Service providers is a selection of people who provide a variety of different services from photography to hair and makeup, to domination and camgirls. There is really no limitation to what kind of service providers you could find on our service provider list. 

9) What do I do if I meet up with someone I know, at the Club?

Discretion is  very important and in the member’s contract that everyone signs there is a specific section making sure that members maintain confidentiality about other members and the club itself. Sex clubs like ours also rely on a mutual understanding that if you see someone you know at the club then to “out” you in your daily life, they would have to out themselves. Any indication that members are not being discreet and respectful of each other’s privacy will result in immediate termination of their memberships without refund. 

10) What should I wear to an event and do I need to be nude?

Our events are quite diverse for dress codes however that will be clearly indicated in the description for each event. Generally speaking it is good to keep your outfit to business casual at the most casual. No jeans, sweatpants (or shirts), no baseball hats or running shoes. You are more then welcome to be in various stages of undress, entirely depends on your comfort-level. At no point are you obligated to show more skin then you chose. 

11) If I just want to book a room for an hour, what is the cost?

We do not do 1 hour bookings for the space but rather have a 3 hour minimum for club rentals. You may use the space for however long you would like during the Monday Night drop-ins from 6pm- 10pm.

12) What are your hours?

Monday through Thursday and Sundays  we are available for bookings from 10am- 11pm and Friday and Saturday we are open til 12pm in the evening. Extended hours for events.