Not a member? Get your membership at any Club Debauchery event and you’ll get into that event for free! That’s right, if you buy a membership you enter that night’s party for free. This is a one time offer for people interested in becoming members. This applies to every event ran by Club Debauchery. You must physically come to the event and sign the membership waiver form along with showing a piece of photo ID.

Open Play Party: Highschool Flashback


Open Play Party: Highschool Flashback 00024

Club Debauchery Open Play Party: Highschool Flashback

September 8th: 8:00pm- 1:30am

Who doesn't love reliving their highschool days or better yet living them the way you really wanted too? We are bringing sexy back to our highschool fashions for this Open Play Party. Are you a goth, jock or prep? Were you that weird kid playing DnD with you buddies or were you out back smoking? Join us for one hell of a night to remember! Bring your toys and join the fun!

Couples or groups are encouraged to purchase their tickets beforehand at $35 for 2 (plus taxes). If you’re going solo, get your ticket at the door for $20 (plus taxes).

Please note that those arriving at the door will have to pay $20 (plus taxes) each regardless if you come as a couple or group.

This is a Member Exclusive Event, meaning you MUST be a member in order to join us for this party!

Not a member...

Join us for our Meet & Greet Event

Before all of our Open Play Parties (second saturday of every month) the doors will be open for non-members to come and check out Club Debauchery! Starting from 6pm- 8pm, non members are welcome to stop by, there will be light refreshments, and staff on hand to give you a personal tour of the space and tell you about all of the benefits of becoming a member. At 6:30pm and 7:30pm there will be a brief (10-15 minutes) orientation of the club rules and the benefits of becoming a member. The event is absolutely free and those attending the Meet and Greet are encouraged to stay for the Open Play Party afterwards where they can chat with established members and get a real idea of how fun the space can be!

Those who attend the Meet & Greet and decide to signup for a membership during are welcome to enjoy the Open Play party absolutely FREE! So make sure to bring your costume or sexy outfit and a piece of photo ID. Those who sign up for the membership can also go for dinner, change or whatever and come back for the Open Play Party and they will still be admitted in for free.

Email us at to RSVP and you will get a confirmation email with the address and all other details on parking and etc.

Play Party Rules and Details

Whether you are more of a watcher than a doer, single or in a couple, straight or LGBTQ, this is the party for you!

Once a month come and enjoy an open sex party where you can play, watch and explore in a safe, clean and discreet environment. This party is completely open to all genders, sexualities and ways of having sex

The W’s:

Who: Members of Club Debauchery ONLY.

Dress code: Each party will have a theme. We encourage members to dress to impress – simply sexy, nearly nude or completely nude - but it is not mandatory – just come and enjoy an evening of sex, fun and laughter. No jeans or sweatpants, baseball hats or running shoes are allowed. Think business casual all the way to sex goddess. Change rooms are available.

What: This is a sex party! A variety of supplies are provided - towels, condoms, lube and cleaning supplies. Bring your own toys.

Where: At Club Debauchery! The address will be provided upon purchasing a membership. There is parking available at the back of the building or on side streets and the area is accessible by bus from the Rideau Centre.

When: Hosted once a month on a Saturday evening. Information and tickets will be available on our website in advance: Tickets are electronic. Doors open at 8:00pm and close by 1:30am. There will be light refreshments available.

How: Tickets can be purchased online. Tickets can be purchased at the door before the party.


Every new member must sign a Waiver form before coming to any event. These will be provided upon registration. This lays out the rules for the entire club but here are some rules specifically for our Open Play Party that you should be aware of before coming. Any violation of these rules can result in being asked to leave and/or having your membership canceled.

  • No means no!
  • Be respectful and polite at all times.
  • Do not touch anyone without permission.
  • Be nice to the club, our equipment and staff.
  • What happens at Club Debauchery stays at Club Debauchery!

For more detailed information please CLICK HERE

There will be security and staff present at all events so if ever you are confused about the rules or feel like someone is breaking them please come to us immediately. Our community is absolutely wonderful and we firmly believe that our members are amazing and respectful people who just want to have good, safe and clean fun and these rules are to make sure that happens.

Join us for our Open Play Parties and you’ll see just how much fun Ottawa really is!

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