Erotic Massage 101 with Jaime Jones

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Date(s) - 10/09/2017
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm


EM 101 Workshop



Jaime is excited to share with you her knowledge and enthusiasm for Erotic Massage.

All you need to is sit back and relax while she teaches the ins and outs of sensual touch and all its benefits.

Here are some of the topics we will be covering:





• Body awareness and awakening
• Communication
• Pleasure
• Erogenous zones
• Basic Erotic Massage Sequence (head to toe)
• Strokes and Techniques
• Lotions and potions
• How to kink it up!
“Easy/relaxed approached, professional, informative and fun” – Stacie, Ottawa, Ontario
Come join me at Club Debauchery for my Erotic Massage 101 Workshop!

** MUST register IN ADVANCE *

* This workshop is members only *

* Space limited *

* Educational demonstrative workshop so NO partner required, I demonstrate the massage techniques and strokes on nude  models. *

* Open to singles or couples of all genders, sexual orientation and relationship styles *

* light refreshment provided, door prizes and much more!

● Erotic Massage 101 Testimonials ●

“Jaime’s workshop was well worth it! I learned new things to do to with my partner as well as helpful tips for my own erotic massage. Even though I have a lot of experience in massage as an erotic masseuse, I still learned new things from Jaime. Absolutely recommend!” – Attendee

“Jaime Jones is a delight to learn from. Her passion and absolute desire for her work shines through very vibrantly. There is absolutely no question about the love she has for this field of work, for her clients, for the wellness and success they gain from her talents. I was very nervous about attending a sex positive workshop. I tend to be very timid when it comes to sexual expression but once I was there and had met the instructor her admiration for what she does really empowered me and built the confidence necessary to really learn and enjoy the workshop. I really loved that she expanded on varying erogenous zones opposed to solely focusing on direct obviously sexual zones. Learning even the slightest touch a certain way to a toe, an ear, the twist of a finger etc. can sometimes ignite your partner’s desires and wake them up sexually was very educational. The mix of theory with visual demonstration was extremely valuable in this type of workshop. This was one of the best presented, informative, relaxed workshops I have ever been to. I tip my hat to you Jaime Jones! “- AMC, Ottawa, Ontario

“Attended Erotic Massage workshop with Jaime and she was great. Shared some of her story, which helped situate how erotic massage can help on an emotional, not just a physical level. She was very natural and direct which helps dispel any potential awkwardness in a room full of strangers while providing knowledge on erotic massage.” – EM, Ottawa, On

“Jaime is passionate about her work and she clearly demonstrates her commitment to pleasure. Let her be your guide if you need assistance navigating the sometimes-complex landscape of touch, sex and intimacy.” – Attendee

“Jaime shared a great amount of practical knowledge, in a very lighthearted and welcoming way. Clearly demonstrated techniques listened to the class and kept an eye on students to ensure everyone got %100 out of it.” – Attendee

● Mini Bio ●
Jaime is a fun, open-minded workshop instructor with a life passion for erotic massage and hands on bodywork. She is honored to have the opportunity to support clients and workshop attendees in their awakening, healing and sexual liberation. Jaime considers herself a conduit of sexual and sensual energy with sessions and workshops designed to suit singles or couples of all shapes, sizes, genders, and sexual orientations.

Currently studying Sexual Wellness Coaching with mentor Gaia Morrissette at Succulent Living, she is also an alternative model and works in the film industry with a lifetime of experience pursuing a passionate, persistent, and joyful existence.