Femme Domme Party

Join us the third Saturday of every month as the devilish Mistress Storm hosts her famous local Femme Domme Party at Club Debauchery! Each month is a different theme and you expect great conversation and even more interesting play all night long!

What is a Femme Domme? 

A dominant woman; part of the bdsm spectrum also known as Femdom which is short for female domination. Dominatrix can also be included in this definition. While some consider Femme Domme play to be between a Female Dominant and a Male Submissive, this definition has expanded to include a variety of Female presenting folks as dominant and submissives of a variety of genders who play together with a wide range of kinks and toys. 

Here is a little more information:

Who: This event is open to everyone, including non-members of Club Debauchery. Members get a discounted price and are welcome to purchase their tickets in advance online. Non-members are welcome to buy a guest membership at the door upon arrival. They must sign a waiver each time they come as a guest member. For more information about guest memberships please click here.

Our dress code for this event is Fetish, basic black or nude. No blue jeans.

What: This event is for Dominant Women and Submissive (not gender specific) people. Please note that dominant men are asked not to come to the event as a dominant but they may come as neutral or submissive. We do not encourage domination by men at this event and dominant men will be asked to leave if they do not comply with this. 

Where: At Club Debauchery. The Club is located in Vanier, not a 10 minute drive from downtown and can easily be accessed by bus or car. There is free parking around the building available. Email us for the location. 

When: Every third Saturday of the month from 9pm- 1:30am 

How: Buy your tickets online or at the event. If you have questions please feel free to email us at info@clubdebauchery.com.


Mistress Storm’s House Rules

 No interrupting scenes.

· Play areas must be thoroughly disinfected after each scene (Disinfectants provided)

· No pictures are to be taken.

· Submissives are NOT public property! If you wish to play with one, ask one. If a submissive is collared…find his or her Domme and talk to her first.

· Most types of play is permitted. Speak to staff before engaging in any higher risk activities.

*DM’s (Dungeon Monitors) will be on site to ensure the safety and well-being of all. They can be identified by lighted arm band