Sex in the City

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March 7th (Spring Fling) & 28th (Members Appreciation)
April 4th & 11th
May 2nd &13th

Once or twice a month, enjoy an open sex party where you can play, watch and explore in a safe, clean and discreet environment. Sex is fun and finding a whole community of open-minded people who are sex-positive is thrilling and incredibly fulfilling. Whether you are more of a watcher than do-er, single or in a couple, straight or LGBTQ, this is the party for you! Absolutely welcome to Swingers and singles alike! This party is completely open to all genders, sexualities and ways of having sex but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some rules. In order for everyone to feel safe and welcome we ask that all participants take the time to read over this simple list of event details, rules and tips to make your experience at the next Sex in the City Party enjoyable for everyone.

The W’s:

Who: Our Sex in the City Parties are for members of Club Debauchery ONLY. As long as you play safe, sane and consensual and follow all of the rules of the club then everyone is welcome. Club Debauchery abides by a very strict rules of conduct code where rude or abusive behaviours will not be tolerated for any reason including discrimination based on gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, age, body-type, ability and otherwise. This allows the space to be as welcoming and safe to everyone. There is a limit of 45 people for these parties so they will be intimate but still with enough people to have a really good time.

Single Men Policy for this Event: We ask that single men bring a friend to these parties. This friend does not have to be a romantic or sexual partner. We have changed our policy to this to ensure that everyone feel comfortable at our party and that the atmosphere is positive and welcoming. 

Dress code: There will be a theme for each party which we encourage members to use for their outfit that given evening but it is not mandatory to do so. Our dress code is fairly relaxed, you can come in a sexy outfit, nearly nude or completely. We ask that members do not wear jeans or any kind of informal clothing like sweats, baseball hats or running shoes. Think business casual all the way to sex party kind of outfits. There will be places you can use to change into your outfit as well when you arrive. How much you reveal throughout the night is entirely up to you!

What: This is a sex party! The building itself has Adult Zoning and therefore it is 100% legal to have sex, among other things in this space. We provide a variety of supplies including towels ($3 rental), condoms, lube and cleaning supplies but other toys must be provided by participants. If we notice that the toys and such that you bring are either not safe or not clean then we will ask you not to play with them or in extreme circumstances, not to come back to Club Debauchery.

Where: At Club Debauchery! Located in Vanier near the Vanier parkway. The address is given to members upon purchasing your membership. We have a variety of themed rooms and open play spaces where you can sit and talk or have some naughty fun! Some of the amenities include: a Classical Dungeon, a fantasy medical room with a fully functioning hospital bed, a boudoir as a casual place to hang-out, a rigging room with a sex swing and high-quality mattresses for all kinds of fun, and lastly an amazing group shower. There is parking available at the back of the building and the area is easy to bus to from the Rideau Centre.

When: These parties are hosted once or twice a month on a Saturday evening and will be posted with information and tickets on our website well beforehand. Tickets are electronic so don’t worry about bringing confirmation with you, we will have your member number on our list. Doors open at 8:00pm and Club Debauchery closes by 1:00am. There will be light refreshments available. Each party will have a fun theme you can use to choose your outfit for the evening!

How: Tickets can be purchased online or at our sister location Sweet 300 across the hall from Club Debauchery. Tickets can be purchased at the door before the party as well however, you’re spot is not guaranteed if the space is full. We do ask that solo folks buy their tickets at the door but for those coming either with their partner or with a friend: guarantee your spot by buying online! To attend, you MUST be a member of our exclusive private members club, no exceptions. You can become a member at but please allow 24 hours to process your new membership (if you buy online or at Sweet 300) before the event so we can appropriately add you to the system. If you would like to buy a membership and ticket in person before the event then we will have staff on-hand to process you immediately.


Every new member must sign a Waiver and Rules/Etiquette form before coming to any event. This lays out the rules for the entire club but here are some rules specifically for our Sex in the City Party that you should be aware of before coming. Any violation of these rules can result in being asked to leave and/or having your membership canceled.

  • State your boundaries: When hoping to engage with someone at the party, be open and honest about what you are looking for and respect when someone does the same. There is no guarantee that someone will want to play with you at a party so do not go in expecting it. Be respectful at all times, if someone is not interested- do not pester or be rude.
  • Play safely and consensually: All play must be consensual so asking questions and not assuming if something is okay is a MUST. Make sure that everyone communicates with each other about their needs and boundaries. NO means NO.
  • Have sensible safe sex practices: Make sure that you are using protection during your play and that any toys you may be using is cleaned before, during and afterwards. It’s more than about being messy, it is a health concern so make sure you take the time to really play safe and clean.
  • Respect our space and each other: Don’t trash our Club, clean up after yourself in all ways and make sure that everyone you encounter in any capacity feels respected and valued. Don’t make people feel like trash because you either are not interested or they are not interested in you.
  • Don’t linger unaccompanied in play spaces: Of course this space is meant for enjoying public play but that doesn’t mean that everyone wants a gawker or a masturbator. Sometimes politely asking if you can watch or touch yourself is best and sometimes reading the room is best too.
  • Don’t cruise aggressively: Don’t be a creepy person! Respect others and yourself and don’t treat this party like an all-you-can-eat buffet that is owed to you because you got a ticket. Sometimes you’ll find a play partner and sometimes you won’t but don’t aggressive about it. This isn’t just about hooking up but about enjoying spending time with people.
  • Don’t get too intoxicated: Not only is it messy and unpleasant when someone is too intoxicated or high but it isn’t safe. You will be asked to leave if you are obviously intoxicated or too high to play safe and clean.
  • Don’t take photographs: Photographs are not allowed at all in Club Debauchery. It is disrespectful and if you are caught taking photos, consensually or not, you will be asked to leave. The privacy of our members is of top priority. If you want pictures of the space or someone playing in it then book the club for a private event.
  • Don’t use your cellphone: This plays into the no photographs rule. Just don’t risk it and also if you come to a sex party, be present. We also ask that members either leave their phone on silent or leave it with their coat, bags or at home.
  • Don’t gossip about what goes on here: Not only is it rude to gossip about what happens at the party or at Club Debauchery in general but it is against the rules. If you are caught sharing intimate information about other members and what they do in the space then your membership will be cancelled.

There will be security and staff present at all events so if ever you are confused about the rules or feel like someone is breaking them, please come to us immediately. Our community is absolutely wonderful and we firmly believe that our members are amazing and respectful people who just want to have good, safe and clean fun and these rules are to make sure that happens.

Join us for our Sex in the City Parties and you’ll see just how much fun Ottawa really is!